Kennels & Boarding

Because Your Pet Deserves the Best

After 15 years in business, Hidden Paradise Pet Kennels in Sioux Falls has perfected a stress-free and enjoyable kennel boarding experience for dogs, designed to make both owners and pets smile. We feature the area’s only indoor/outdoor kennels, and all have heated floors. We do require that owners provide their own dog food, to ensure that the individual nutritional requirements of each pet are met, and that all dogs have a chance to meet and become somewhat familiar with Curt (owner) when booking a reservation. These things help to reduce stress on your dog, and facilitate a comfortable stay.

Our Indoor/Outdoor Kennels

Whether your dog prefers a little time in the sun or a nap in his roomy kennel, we make every effort to accommodate him.

  • With prepayment, 24-hour dog owner access for pick up and drop off
  • Dogs have the freedom to go in and out as they wish, weather permitting. If the weather is too cold, dogs stay comfortable inside
  • Single kennels measure 4’x6’ inside & 4’x8’ outside
  • Double kennels (family units) measure 8’x6’ inside & 8’x8’ outside

Our Indoor Kennels

Your loyal companion will enjoy roomy, climate-controlled comfort.

• A/C in the summertime
• Dogs are let out 3 to 5x per day, depending upon drop off time, for bathroom and play
• Single kennels measure 3 ½’x 5’; double kennels (family units) measure 5’x7 ½’

Boarding Rates

Our affordable rates and family-friendly atmosphere take the stress out of leaving your pet behind when you go out of town!

Other Accommodation Features

We make every effort to pamper your pooch while you’re away.
• All kennel exercise runs are sheltered from the sun by a roof overhang.
• All kennels and kennel exercise run floors have radiant heat.
• The kennels are cleaned regularly. When you pick up your happy pup, there should be no trace of “kennel smell” on him.
• In-town shuttle service (Contact us for details)

Standard Hours of Operation

(Check Out Time is 1 pm)

8 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday
9 AM to 1 PM Saturday
1 PM to 5 PM Sunday **After Labor Day & before Memorial Day office will be closed on Sunday for drop off or pick up unless dog owner uses 24/7 access.

Note: A new day of boarding starts at 1 PM the following day after check in.

Contact Us today, your pet will be glad you did!