What to Expect

Relaxing & Enjoyable Pet Experience

We’ll Make Your Dog Feel Right at Home

At Hidden Paradise Pet Kennels, we want your dog’s boarding experience to be relaxing and enjoyable. In fact, we want them to feel right at home as a part of our family. In an effort to make that possible, we have implemented some simple guidelines that we ask our responsible pet owner clients to follow.

• First, we understand that you are your dog’s most trusted friend; that’s why you are the one to place your loveable friend in the kennel at drop off time, and take him out when it’s time to go home. This helps your pet understand that you trust us, and it’s OK for him to trust us, too.

• We offer 24/7 access, and you may pick up or drop off your dog at any time without additional charges, because we know that traveling out of town can mean late night or early morning departures and arrivals.

• It’s important that your pet has an opportunity to meet our owner, Curt, especially if you plan to drop your dog off outside of our normal business hours, because this helps your pet feel comfortable and facilitates an enjoyable kenneling experience.

Our Pet Vaccination and Prescriptions Policy

Your dog must be current with all their shots and updated shot records must be presented at check in. Those include DHPP, Bordetella (kennel cough), and Rabies vaccinations. Any dog without updated shots cannot be accepted for boarding.

• No charge for medical pills given if you provide Greenies Pill Pockets or Milk-Bone Fill Pouches with the prescribed pills already in the Pill Pockets, complete with written instructions.

Additional Services & Fees

Group playtime

Minimum of 30 minutes*

$2.50 / for one dog
$4 / for 2 dogs
$5 / for 3 dogs

20-minute walk/Solo Time

$3.50 / for one dog
Each additional dog is $1.00

Grooming travel

We will take your dog for professional grooming within the Sioux Falls city limits for $10. Just schedule ahead of time and then pick up your pet the last day of boarding at the groomers.


If you would like your dog to undergo obedience training while staying with us we will provide that service for a $650 fee. Call for details.

Breed Surcharge

Pit Bull/Stafford Terriers, Mixes & Other Aggressive Dogs are Subject to a Refundable Surcharge. Ask for Details. 

We’d Love to Get to Know Your Pet!